Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Seeing Beyond Your Pain

Photo courtesy of Mauro Barsi
     It is easy to feel as if there is a cloud of pain crushing  us when we are feeling down. Our vision becomes narrowed,  and we see only what is directly at hand. There is no future, no past - only now, only this sad and difficult moment, this sad and difficult situation.
     I offer this photo taken by a friend of mine in Italy as a reminder that life is bigger than the immediate feelings of compression by problems that ail us. Just beyond that cloud, there are blue skies. Just beyond that cloud, there are beauty and love immeasurable. These things are present in the same moment as the pain that blinds you to their presence.
     It is an act of faith to see beyond the cloud. It requires a mindful and intentional pause in order to step back, as if with a wider angle lens, in order to take in the larger framework of your life. But gaze into this photo for  moment. If all you choose to see is a mountain with a cloud atop it, a cloud that blocks  the sun, then perhaps it is time for you to take stock.
     Are you aware of the blue sky? Are you aware of the great beauty, the great potential, that surround you? Can you place yourself in the larger world of possibility, beyond the constraints of any problem you may be facing in this moment? Can you feel love outside the boundaries of your pain?
     Yes, you can.
     The world in its beauty, the world full of love, awaits you.