Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Every Day is New Year's Day

Photo courtesy of Mauro Barsi
     Today is the first day of a new year.
     It is one out of 365, but it feels different from the other 364. Why? Why does it feel different?
     I believe it is the one day of the year when we are able to see the line of demarcation clearly between what was and what is to be. It is a day on the threshold. It is the bridge between the past and the future, and it feels full of possibilities.
     The truth is that it is full of possibilities.
     One day each year we are free to cast off old thoughts, old habits, old chains, simply because the day feels different from the other days in our year. It is the one day in our busy lives when the moment - the now - is pre-eminent. We have consciousness of the passing of time. We have consciousness of the uncertainty of the future. We have consciousness of the preciousness and fragility of our lives.
     We do not know where the new year will take us. But we are not filled with fear, as one might possibly feel when facing the unknown. Not on New Year's Day. On this one special day, we are filled with hope. We sense that we create the future. We sense that pure potential manifests into this world exactly the way we choose to manifest it. We believe for a few suspended moments that we create our own lives.
     And, of course, we do. But as the days turn into weeks and into months, we lose the sense of our own power to build our lives as we lose the sense of freshness that arrives with midnight on January first. Too often we find ourselves slogging along in a rut established so long ago that the path lacks not only a name but also signposts. Slog. Fog. Sameness. And our years slip through our fingers like fairy dust that was put to no purpose.
     Look into the path in this photo. Trees surround it, offering comfort, shade, security. Sure, there could be dragons just offscreen. But light also emanates from all sides, offering us assistance as we find our way. And note that the path curves. There is no life that follows a straight line. There is no path of any interest in this world that follows a straight line. Allow for the curves. Expect them. Trust that there is more light just around the corner, just as there is in this photograph. Take a step at a time. Use the light that falls on your path as a guide. And trust yourself to get to where you want to be. Trust yourself to create the path that is beyond the range in this photograph, that path that is suggested by it but not shown.
     Trust yourself to create the continuing path of beauty, happiness, peace, love, and trust that you want for yourself. Follow your path. Trust it.
     Trust yourself. You are the creator of your life. You choose how to respond to the world around you. You choose.
     Keep the New Year spirit alive. Let every day feel like the first day of a new year. Because in a very real sense, it is.